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DIRECTV and High Speed Internet Wireless Solutions for OFFICES & COMMERCIAL


We have a 65,000 sq ft "B" rated office building that was only 65% occupied.  We added "A" building features like High-Speed Internet access for the tenants for free.  We have found it was a huge retention feature and the tenants who have taken advantage of this offer on average pay a higher rent. The building is presently 96% occupied and our average rent is almost $2.00 per sq ft over the market rent. The free internet access is the major factor as no one wants to leave and give up this feature. I highly recommend adding High Speed Internet to any building.  It will more then pay for itself.” - Mark C DiFranco, East Longmeadow, MA


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Is the Discernity
Model Right For You?

Are any of these an issue to you…?

• Is your building in need of more occupancy?

• Is it important to increase lease rates from your tenants
  while lowering their overall expenses?

• Do you need to increase NOI for refinancing or selling
  the property– what if you could raise the NOI 2% - 7%?

• Would you like to decrease turnover by offering critical

• Would you like to attract higher Quality or Hi-Tech Tenants?

• Would you like to increase amenities without adding
  any up-front costs or hardware maintenance? (No up
  front costs!)

• Would you like to compete with A quality buildings
  without having all the costs?

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