What You Get With Discernity

Our portfolio is 90% multifamily which allows us to communicate better. We provide exceptional high-speed internet services to valued residents and partners to include technologies owners want to  set their property apart from the competition. We take the risk out of your innovation.

 The Why Behind Discernity

We serve property owners who are constantly trying to stay innovative to beat the competition and provide the best Multifamily Internet Services for their residents.  If you are unsure if  Discernity is the Internet service provider for you give us a call and speak to one of our team members. 

Discernity’s Mission

At Discernity, we strive to provide outstanding service to property owners and their residents who demand more than cable internet access. We pride ourselves on delivering high-value products and services, creating strong customer relationships, and expanding Discernity’s suite of high-speed internet products.

Discernity is committed to providing the best customer service experience possible. From building owners to residents, we’re here for you.

Five Bases Forming the Foundation

Discernity is built upon five bases forming the foundation of our company. We believe when Discernity takes care of its associates, they will take care of our customers, who will support us through renewed business, allowing Discernity to give back to our community as generously as possible.

1. Associates

We believe having the right people on board while providing growth opportunities and job satisfaction are critical to a thriving, customer-centric business.

right people on board.

2. Customers

We strive to earn customer retention, renewal, and loyalty from all service levels.

3. Company

We work to deliver on our promise to Discernity shareholders by providing exceptional products and customer service experiences.

4. Community

We provide Discernity employees with paid time off for individual and team community service projects, which enhances morale and a team-focused culture. 

5. Spirituality

We ensure employees have time off for days of worship and other expressions of faith traditions.

Discernity is licensed to provide service in all 50 states.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mailing Address

3044 Bardstown Road, #201

Louisville, KY 40205

Physical Address (no mail accepted at this address)

10200 Forest Green Blvd. Suite 112B

Louisville, KY 40223