Get HIGH SPEED MULTIFAMILY INTERNET for your Apartment Community

Discernity’s High Speed Network

Discernity offers customized internet packages designed for your property’s residents. Unlike cable, our high-speed internet connections deliver users to their online destination without disruption, which is essential for work-from-home video conferencing. Faster upload speeds make this possible! When compared to AT&T U-verse or cable, many Discernity properties deliver 10x – 100x faster upload speeds! In a highly competitive rental market, this exceptional amenity will drive residents to your property. Internet access is a turn-key “touchless” install and immediately available when tenants move in. Discernity’s team is just one phone call away!

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Discernity MDU WiFi 

We find that more and more tenants/residents want more of one thing — lightning fast wireless access. More consumers than ever are embracing a completely digital lifestyle and abandoning ethernet cords and other connections for their entertainment devices. Tenants want reliable wireless access and SPEED. Partner with Discernity and deliver what your residents want! Benefit from the best in local Wi-Fi, exceed residents’ expectations, and put more profit back into your rental community.  

Why Discernity For Your MDU Property’s WiFi?

As a property owner, you’re looking for ways to provide faster and more convenient internet services for your tenants. This is why you need Discernity’s premier multifamily, Wi-Fi internet services. Offer residents something more – property-wide, hassle-free, incredibly fast, wireless internet access. As the work-from-home model continues to expand since 2020, delivering exceptional internet access is now more important than ever. Reduce your wholesale internet pricing for ALL residents and make your property stand out from your competitors. Discernity installs and provides support for the high-speed WiFi network in your apartment complex, so you are confident knowing residents will call us directly with questions, not your office. 


What Does Discernity Offers Your Residents?

We understand it’s all about the resident experience. Our goal is distinguishing multifamily communities from the competition by building private property networks, finding ways for property owners to leverage the network in innovative ways, and helping you deliver turn-key entertainment access. Discernity is one of the largest multifamily DirecTV dealers in the United States. This gives us the ability to provide lightning-fast Fiber Internet and revenue sharing up to twice as high as the major phone, internet, and cable companies. Choose Discernity and provide your residents with best-in-class products and unparalleled technical support.