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Wi-Fi & live streaming TV. Instantly available, property-wide.

Property owners of multifamily communities across the US are increasing their net operating income and improving their overall resident experience by upgrading to Discernity WiFi solutions. Discernity Managed Wi-Fi benefits multifamily communities – from residents to property staff, to ownership groups and operations managers by 


Improving the Resident Experience

How We Drive A Better Tenant Experience Through: 

Touchless Installs

From Day 1 We offer tenants a touchless install process. This gives them the ability to get their keys and immediately have internet access in their unit from day 1. Routers  are permanently installed in  your resident’s unit and can be remotely activated for a seamless move-in day. 

Upload Speeds up to 50x Faster Than the Competition.

Fast, secure community Wi-Fi. Discernity offers property owners and residents instant accessible, personal Wi-Fi networks property -wide – so they can stay zoomed in working remotely, browse the web, and binge watch their favorite TV shows without interruptions. Clear, seamless internet speeds without interruptions makes for happy residents.

Live Streaming Options You Can’t Get With Cable

Every Discernity Internet property is deployed with the option to include live streaming TV powered by DirecTV STREAM for every resident & every common area. Access up to 7000+ apps like HBO Max™, Netflix, and Prime Video on Google Play with our exclusive DirecTV STREAM Device. Residents get to enjoy property-wide WiFi on their browser-enabled devices or Amazon Fire TV. 

Instant On

We do this by installing Enterprise Grade Network Controllers  that manage all the traffic from the property,  relieving congestion for  a consistent wifi experience.  


Our Internet Works Is Instant On


Increasing NOI

We HELP You Increase Your Net Operating Income

Moving to Disernity’s Wi-Fi solution allows multifamily communities to decrease overall property costs for Wi-Fi by leveraging the same network to support both owner and resident needs. Properties are able to increase revenue at the same time they increase occupancy with residents benefitting from a premium Wi-Fi experience.

Need Cash in Hand For Your Next Project? Learn how Discernity Internet  will increase revenue and amaze your residents.



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