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Touchless Install

From Day 1 We offer tenants a touchless install. This gives them the ability to get their keys and immediately have internet access in their condo. Routers  are permanently installed in  your resident’s unit and can be remotely activated for a seamless move-in day.

Upload Speeds up to 50x Faster Than the Competition.

With more folks working from home they need internet speeds that do not  break up during zoom video calls.. Clear, seamless internet speeds without interruptions makes for happy residents.

Our Internet Works With a Flip of The Switch.


We HELP You Increase Your Net Operating Income

The more success YOU have, the more success we have.

Need Cash in Hand For Your Next Project?

Save Construction Time and Construction $$$$ Better Communication Methodology

Operating On Your Construction Schedule So You Don’t Have To Operate On Ours!

Residents Want High-End Amenities? Discernity Delivers!

Get an edge on the competition – offer residents a better choice for the #1 requested amenity with  fiber internet, and the latest in video experience with AT&T TV. 

Discernity is committed to providing the best customer service experience possible. 

Discernity Domestic call center answers 90 % calls within 30 secs


From owners to residents, we’re here for you