Profit from Discernity services

How much revenue do you make from the cable company?

You have a $100 – $200 cable bill per unit walking out of your parking lot every month. Wouldn’t you like a portion of that?

Discernity has two primary services:  high speed internet and DirecTV programming.

Discernity offers its services in two ways:

Owners pay for all or most units and receive a wholesale rate in exchange for the guarantee of units.

Owners do not pay Discernity. Instead, residents pay directly. They pay a competitive rate, but it is a retail rate instead of the wholesales rate of bulk.

Note: Unlike the cable company, you can switch between these 2 options at any time during your partnership with Discernity.

Don’t lose tenants who cannot see their favorite NFL games

DirecTV pays $1.5 billion per year for the exclusive rights to all NFL games through NFL Sunday Ticket. As a result, DirecTV is the only video provider who has every NFL football game. Residents who are football fans will only live where they can get this access through DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket.

Your new residents** can get NFL Sunday Ticket included at no extra cost.  This is a value of over $280.
Use this as an incentive to attract new people to your community.
** applies to new installations only

“These unique amenities make the property stand out.”

Make more money than with U-verse or cable

Facilitate rent collection

You’re in control. Cut off services to quickly collect late rent. Often, improved cash flow from rent collection justifies our services on their own.

Minimize turnover

The more services you provide, the less likely residents are willing to deal with the hassle of moving. Each turnover typically costs over $2,000.

Reduce satellite dishes

You can maintain your building’s aesthetics with only one inconspicuous satellite dish per building. Curb appeal-related foot traffic leads to additional renters.

Provide a modern amenity

If your property needs a “Wow” factor, then providing our unique services as an amenity is easy. It will make your property stand out.

Ancillary Revenue

Entrepreneurial owners increase NOI by buying our services at wholesale rates, while selling below retail. Otherwise, you can have over $150 per resident walking out the door to the cable company each month.

Increase Occupancy

Providing our unique amenities enhances curb appeal and makes your property stand out from the competition. Additional foot traffic and satisfied residents will lower turnover and increase occupancy.

“You’re in control.”

Why our internet is better than cable


Resident installation is instant-on*

Want to close on a rental lease faster? Let the prospective residents know they won’t have to wait until the cable company shows up long after they have moved in. Residents can move in immediately and simply call Discernity. We’ll turn the internet on instantly.

*Buildings with wiring limitations may not apply

Prospective residents have:

No installation fees
No modem
No wait

You’re in control

Want a quick and easy way to improve rent collection and cash flow? With our bulk internet option, you can turn off the internet for residents with overdue rent payments.

Faster internet than cable

Do you want to attract renters who are IT professionals or work from home?  Cable has slow upload speeds.  Faster upload*  is important to attract these high-value residents. They need it for video conferencing and quickly sending files to their coworkers.

*Buildings with wiring limitations may not apply

Upload speeds are 10X to 100X* faster than cable

*Buildings with wiring limitations may not apply

Why DirecTV is better than cable

NFL Sunday Ticket

Attract football fans. DirecTV pays $1.5 Billion per year for the exclusive rights to all NFL games. It is called NFL Sunday Ticket. As a result, DirecTV is the only video provider who has every NFL Football game. Your residents can’t see all of the games with cable.

4K channels

Many of your residents have purchased 4K TVs, or may purchase one soon. DirecTV has three full-time 4K channels – three more than cable! Plus DirecTV will be adding more 4k channels soon to widen the gap with the competition.

Free DirecTV App

Residents who want to stream video on any of their devices can download the free DirecTV app and view their favorite live and pre-recorded shows anywhere with their DirecTV subscription.

High class amenity

DirecTV isn’t just for the wealthy anymore. Our one dish per building solution makes it accessible to all residents.  Also, it is priced competitively so owners can include DirecTV in the rent as a valuable amenity.