NOT requiring Double play bulk contracts, but instead:

1.Offering Bulk internet only option much lower than a “Tv included” rate

 *Other companies require a double play bulk for a much higher rate. “They  claim tv is included for free”   *We give you wholesale pricing on what residents want, blazing fast internet, not packaging with other services

2. Paying 2x-3x more royalties on non-bulk internet to substantially increase monthly NOI

3. Front Load cash with higher Door money for your next project

4. Get Door Money Twice by switching an existing  property to Discernity

*Most companies don’t pay door money again for renewal.


Discernity Offers Recurring Revenue Sharing Two Ways

Discernity’s TV and Internet revenue sharing can be up to 2X-3X as much as the “big box” cable, internet, and phone companies.


“For Owners who do not want to be in the internet business”

Property owners do not pay Discernity for services upfront. Instead, residents pay us a competitive, retail rate directly through our 24/ 365 call center

Property owners pay for all or most units upfront and receive a wholesale rate in exchange for the guarantee of units.

**Unlike with a cable company or other provider, you may switch between these two service delivery options at any time during your partnership with Discernity.




What Discernity Does for You

Discernity specializes in differentiating your community from the competition by building a private property network and then helping you leverage that network in innovative ways. As one of the largest multifamily DirecTV and AT&T Dealers in the US, we provide lightning-fast Fiber Internet and revenue sharing up to twice as high as the major phone, internet, and cable companies. Discernity will delight your residents with best in class products and  phenomenal client service.

Contact Kevin Lammert to learn more about how upgrading to Discernity helps upgrade your property.