Discernity's Television Service Plans for Multifamily Properties

The Best In TV

According to the National Apartment Association, “Nearly 39 million people in the United States — that is almost 1-in-8 — call apartments home.” With the high demand of the apartment rental market, property owners feel significant pressure to deliver “extra” amenities tenants are really looking for, including high-speed Internet and TV services. With Discernity, property owners and residents enjoy their CHOICE of two TV services — DIRECTV Streaming or DirecTV. That’s right, the choice is YOURS!

DIRECTV Stream :

Offer your residents one of the newest and most exciting TV experiences available on the market. Now available to Discernity properties, DIRECTV Stream. Bring your residents the very best in live and streaming programming options, all in one place with DIRECTV Stream. Stand apart from the competition – offer your residents what they really want like more than 5,000 apps on the Google Play store, voice remote, and cloud DVR storage.

DirectTV :

Discernity delivers what YOUR residents want! Stream it or Beam it, use DirecTV as a lease incentive to attract new residents to your community, including those who love pro football! Your new residents** can get DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket included at no extra cost. DirecTV is the only video provider offering EVERY NFL football game through NFL Sunday Ticket. Some renters will choose to live only where they can access their must-watch football games through DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. Don’t lose out on this market! Even better, only one rooftop dish is necessary to cover an entire building for DirecTV services.

AT&T TV Now DIRECTV Stream :

AT&T TV is now DirecTv Stream. Learn more about DIRECTV Stream today!

Michael Janikis
Property Owner

"Discernity was my ISP for the Condo Association for the last 18 months and thought their services are great. Internet is rarely down for a building of 100+ tenants. Easy to get set up too!"

Michael Chaka
Property Resident

"I've been using the service for about a month now. At first I was a little nervous because I wasn't familiar with the name of the company, but those fears were apparently unfounded because the service runs very smoothly. I have had no issues streaming hulu and I online game a fair amount as well with no lag times. Satisfied so far! 2 year update: In the 2 years I lived in Cleveland, I honestly never had an internet issue. I streamed during the pandemic a ton and never felt it was slow or had connection errors. Would choose this service with confidence if I had to do it again"

Chloe Dietz
Discernity Resident

"Discernity was an incredible service provider! I moved into my condo building in September and was able to schedule my cable installation the day I called. The installation lasted less than 15 minutes and the woman doing the installation wore a mask the entire time. I had no issues with connectivity and was happy with internet speed. I would definitely use Discernity again!"

Andrew Wong

"My Chicago high-res condo used Discernity for the DirecTV in our building. I've moved in and out several times and the service techs have always been courteous, responsive and helpful. The speed and service was reliable, would recommend."

Jake Suman
Discernity Resident

"MAKE THE SWITCH FROM SPECTRUM, Discernity has better pricing and 1000X better customer service it is insane. Being a small ISP they understand what it means to properly take care of the customer! Going to miss having them at my apartment now that I had to move:("