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Discernity Offers A Reimbursement Program for Wellness

March 15, 2021

At Discernity, we believe in the importance of overall wellness for all our associates. We regularly encourage them to pursue healthy lifestyles, including offering various health and fitness incentives at area gyms and fitness centers. Playing an active role in providing employees with the opportunity to have excellent health, or wellness, is important to Discernity’s culture.

In addition, wellness is the beginning of the  process to implement the five bases which form the foundation of our company. If we take good care of our people WITH WELLNESS, they will take good care of our customers, who will  take good care of our company, who can give back to the community. All of this can strengthen the spirituality of both the recipients and our people. 

Therefore, Discernity is offering a Reimbursement Program for Wellness related activities that  lead to physical wellness. Discernity will reimburse employees for the following specific wellness activities:  

o Gym Memberships  

o Personal training 

o Exercise classes 

o Smoking Cessation

Recent  Discernity Wellness Highlights

Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center recently profiled long-time member Chris Chase, who is Discernity’s President and CEO. Way to go, Chris! You set an awesome example for all of us.

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