Four Properties owned by The Landmark Companies in Cleveland and Indianapolis have used Discernity’s services since 2007. After a period of time, this client realized their contract for bulk services no longer served them well financially. The property wasn’t experiencing the economic return they had originally expected.

Landmark approached us mid-contract to see if Discernity would work with them to adjust the service terms to be more favorable for their needs. Of course, we immediately got to work putting a plan in place that made more sense for them.


No matter the type of contractual arrangement Discernity may have with clients, it is our company mission to help our clients generate additional revenue through their ancillary services offered to tenants. At the end of every day, the priority is clients feel satisfied with the services Discernity provides, and how they enhance their communities. 


In Landmark’s particular case, Discernity changed the service contract from a Bulk arrangement to a Retail agreement, meaning the property’s residents would pay Discernity directly. This in turn created a structure allowing Landmark to drop the bulk payment to Discernity while generating a compelling revenue share from internet and TV services.


Under their original contract with us, Landmark was effectively losing money providing residents’  internet and TV services. Following a contract revision, the client went on to generate a considerable profit on these same services.

Landmark Case Study




We completely trusted Discernity to work with us in taking our property’s Internet and TV amenities to the next level. It is uncommon for service providers to allow adjustments mid-contract, and Discernity gave us the flexibility we needed to put us in a better financial position. We continue to provide the amenities our residents love, Discernity customer support continues to make life easy for the Landmark Team and we couldn’t be happier!” 

John Carney, Principal, The Landmark Companies