Revolutionizing Connectivity: Discernity’s Partnership with The Marley at Trout River Apartments

The Marley at Trout River Apartments, located in Jacksonville, Florida, recently renovated 404 units. This was part of a strategic joint venture between Springer Capital of Philadelphia and FCP of D.C.. The emphasis on offering attractive accommodations for riverfront living was vital to long-term success for this asset.

The Need for Great Internet Service

The pre-renovation scenario posed challenges, especially in the realm of internet services. 

With a planned 12-month period to renovate and upgrade the property class, the developers understood the need to cover many aspects of renovation in a timely manner. 

Previous experiences with cable companies at other properties left much to be desired, as rewiring efforts resulted in sloppy work, poor aesthetics, and communication hurdles. 

Recognizing the need for an upgrade, the ownership sought to enhance the property’s infrastructure, catering to the modern needs of its residents.

Discernity’s Approach

Discernity stepped in to address these challenges by focusing on two key aspects: upgrading the wiring infrastructure and improving the overall resident experience. 

The 4-month plan involved implementing a fiber-rich backbone with upgraded wiring to each unit, ensuring faster and cleaner connections. This laid the foundation for scalability to accommodate future data needs. 

Gradual Turnup of Services

Discernity understands the complexity of property renovation and the need to accommodate existing leases. 

Discernity devised a plan for a gradual turnup of services at the owner’s request. This approach allowed a seamless transition for residents, minimizing disruptions during the renovation phase. 

The goal was to have new services live within four months, aligning with the accelerated 12-month property upgrade timeline.

Aesthetic Upgrades

Discernity recognized the importance of aesthetics and ensured that wiring upgrades were not only functional but added to the property’s new visual appeal. 

Cleanup efforts were undertaken to remove aged wires from prior providers, restoring the aesthetic value of the asset. This attention to detail was crucial for creating a positive first impression for both current and prospective residents.

Differentiators for Property Value

Discernity’s implementation of Fiber To The Unit (FTTU) became a significant differentiator, increasing the asset value of the property’s infrastructure. 

By addressing the aged wire cleanup, the company not only improved functionality but also elevated the overall aesthetic value of the property.

Property owners also enjoy ancillary revenue options when partnering with Discernity which align maximizing NOI with their planned hold time. 

Differentiators for Resident Experience

Residents at The Marley at Trout River now enjoy a vastly improved internet experience. 

Discernity delivered 20 times faster upload speeds and symmetrical bandwidth, ensuring that both upload and download speeds are consistent. 

This substantial upgrade has had a positive impact on the daily lives of the residents, supporting their increasing reliance on high-speed internet for work, entertainment, and communication.

No Owner CapEx Investment

One notable aspect of Discernity’s solution is that it required no owner capital expenditure

The comprehensive project scope included all aspects, from underground work to conduit installation, cleanup, wiring, and overall infrastructure improvements. 

This ensured that the ownership could focus on the renovation without the burden of additional financial investment in the connectivity upgrade.

Delivering  On A Seamless Transition

Discernity’s strategic approach at The Marley at Trout River Apartments showcases the company’s commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of property owners undergoing significant renovations. 

By delivering a seamless transition, aesthetic upgrades, and an unparalleled resident experience, Discernity has not only enhanced the property’s value but also positioned it as a modern, connected living space. 

Our partnership with The Marley at Trout River Apartments stands as a testament to the transformative power of a well-executed connectivity upgrade to capital firms looking to transform the value of a multi-family asset.