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Why DirecTV Stream is Going to Change the Way You Watch TV

November 22, 2021

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Serena Williams in a Wonder Woman outfit!

You may have already seen that commercial (if not, you are welcome), and it may have spiked your curiosity about just what exactly DIRECTV Stream offers that sets it apart from the many different streaming services available, and we here at Discernity are proud to be offering DirecTV to residents in our clients’ properties. 

DIRECTV Stream is not like Netflix or HBO Max, where all you get is a collection of titles to stream. Do not get us wrong—there are tens of thousands of movies and TV shows you have access to on DIRECTV stream, but it is not just limited to that, as you can stream from a vast array of live TV channels as well. 

The best way to explain it is that it is like a cable or satellite subscription where you can watch current programming on live TV networks, with an interactive guide channel and the addition of a library of movies and TV shows that you can stream at any time you please. 

We mentioned that DIRECTV Stream is like cable or satellite TV, but the crucial difference here is that installing DIRECTV involves no wires or satellite dishes. The device is plug and play, and house all of your apps in one place-turn on your receiver and …live tv, netflix etc all in  one place. No more constantly providing passwords for switching between streaming apps. The install, instead, is an instant process, so you can get to watching in absolutely no time. 

One of the biggest offerings in their many packages (starting at only $69.99 a month, for 65+ channels and 40,000+ On Demand titles, to $139.99 a month, for 140+ channels and 65,000+ On Demand titles) is the inclusion of live sports streams. 

We have chosen to make DIRECTV available to Discernity properties because we truly believe it is a superior entertainment package. In addition to the bountiful supply of On Demand titles and live TV channels, our exclusive DIRECTV Stream device will give residents access to thousands upon thousands of apps available on the Google Play store. 

Residents in condos and apartments will be pleased to know that they can enjoy the benefits of a superior streaming and TV service without the headache of a long install. The full-package offering from DirecTV Stream will also give them free access, for a limited time (or indefinitely, if they opt for the Premiere package), to other streaming services that they may be interested in, such as HBO Max and Showtime. 

And, with Discernity’s internet offerings, they will be able to watch the titles on DIRECTV Stream with high-performance internet service that is 10x faster than cable. Whether streaming, posting, working, or uploading, your residents will be able to experience the offerings of the Internet without a hitch. 

Additionally, your residents will be able to record up to 500+ hours of TV through DIRECTV Stream, which ensures that even if they miss a game or their favorite show, they will not really be missing that show, because they can watch the recording they set on their DVR. 

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