Why DirecTV is better

NFL Sunday Ticket

Do you like pro football? DirecTV pays $1.5 Billion per year for the exclusive rights to all NFL games. This is called NFL Sunday Ticket. As a result, DirecTV is the only video provider who has every NFL football game. With cable, you can only see some of the games. With DirecTV, you can see all of them.  In the first year you subscribe, you will get NFL Sunday Ticket with NFL Sunday Ticket Max at no additional cost.

4K Channels

Do you have a 4K TV? DirecTV has three full-time 4K channels. That’s three more than cable. Plus, DirecTV will be adding more 4K channels soon.

Any Device, Any Time, Any Place

Download the free DirecTV App and start streaming your favorite live and downloaded pre-recorded shows on your mobile device with your DirecTV subscription.

Do you like to watch your videos on your phone or tablet?  Watch on any device, any time, any place using the free DirecTV app.