Why Discernity internet is better

Internet is instant-on

Just call in and we turn it on instantly — no more waiting 4 to 5 days for “the cable guy.”

* Buildings with wiring limitations may not apply

No installation fees

No modem

No wait

Lower latency and lower jitter = better video streaming and less buffering

You are provided a network built like a business-class network. Your building is equipped with business class switches and routers, not a residential network shared with your entire zip code. The result is:

– Lower latency (interruptions in your signal) means better video streaming without disruptions.

– Lower jitter means better perceptual quality. This means less distortion of sound and less buffering of video.

Other reasons Discernity is better

– Receive faster service calls for on-site issues (no more waiting 4-5 days for cable).

– A dedicated technician services your property (on-site) so you have the same person helping you each time.

– Our call center is available 24x7x365 and is US-based.

– We don’t require you to use our Wi-Fi routers.

– There are no monthly fees or rental charges for Wi-Fi routers or modems.

– Our upload speeds are higher than U-verse or cable. Some properties have 10x – 100x faster upload speeds than cable!

Each Discernity property has a custom solution. Although there are a few properties with different characteristics, most Discernity internet customers feel our services have many advantages over cable or AT&T.

“The Discernity connection is like a direct flight on a private jet.”

Technical reasons why Discernity internet is better

Download speed vs. upload speed

* Some properties with density limitations may not qualify

A direct connection is like a direct flight on a private jet


“Better video streaming without disruptions.”