Discernity Multifamily Internet gets users to their destination without disruption. Faster upload speeds make this possible. Discernity upload speeds are faster than U-verse or Cable. Some properties have 10x – 100x faster upload speeds!* More than ever before, residents demand faster internet services to support video conferencing, file sharing, and other work and school-related tasks.

*Buildings with wiring limitations, may not apply.

Why Discernity Multifamily Internet Services Are Better Than Cable

No Hassle Internet Connections

Instant connection! There is no modem or installation fee with Discernity service, and no more days of waiting for the “cable guy.” Just call us and we’ll turn on an individual connection. That’s it!

Satisfied Tenants

Lower latency and lower jitter = better video streaming and less buffering

Discernity properties are provided with a commercial grade network. Buildings are equipped with high end switches and routers, not a residential network shared with an entire zip code. 

The result is this:

– Lower latency (interruptions in your signal). This means better video streaming without disruptions.

– Lower jitter means better perceptual quality. This means less distortion of sound and less buffering of video.

Other reasons why Discernity is better

We provide each Discernity multifamily property owners with completely customized internet solutions. We are multifamily driven, we do not have millions of single family homes to service-your property network will not be a cookie cutter square peg in a round hole. While some properties have different challenges and characteristics, Discernity internet customers tell us our local internet services have many advantages over cable or AT&T internet. Call Discernity for your MDU Wifi needs.

“The Discernity connection is like a direct flight on a private jet.”

How Discernity Internet Services Work

Download speed vs. upload speed

* Some properties with density limitations may not qualify

A direct connection is like a direct flight on a private jet


“Better video streaming without disruptions.”