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Healthier Families and Stronger Communities

April 12, 2021

Many of us take for granted having safe, easy access to fresh, healthy food whenever we want it. For many of us, a selection of grocery stores and fresh food markets are just around the corner. We may not concern ourselves with cost or how we’re going to get it. But that’s not the case for many families throughout our communities. Food insecurity is a reality for so many children and adults – and Discernity is working to make an impact on this issue right in our own backyard.

One wonderful resource in the Louisville, Kentucky area is New Roots, a volunteer-supported organization dedicated to helping people in underserved neighborhoods access the fresh food they deserve. New Roots believes that fresh food is a basic human right, and all of us at Discernity couldn’t agree more.

Chris Chase, Discernity president and CEO, is a long-time supporter of New Roots and its crucial mission, even serving as their Board President for six years. Chris is an active member of Epiphany Catholic Church in Louisville, which also has become an active supporter of New Roots though involvement by its membership, as well as ongoing financial support.  We are humbled New Roots recently profiled Epiphany’s partnership and Chris’s dedication to this vital organization. It is a privilege to support such a great cause.

If you’re concerned about food insecurity in Louisville and surrounding areas, or need assistance with fresh food for your own family, check out New Roots for Fresh Stop Markets info and volunteer opportunities! 

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