Partnering With Discernity
Is Seamless

Partnering with Discernity is a seamless process.

We first find out your needs and take care to ensure that our contract reflects them.

Running a residential community is hard work, which is why we plan our installations to be quick, easy, and unintrusive to you. It is our goal to have the work finished as soon as possible, so that neither you nor your residents need to wait for service to be installed.

All along the way, we will be at hand to answer any questions you have. We are always just a phone call or email away. This includes a weekly report that we send you updating you on our progress.

This seamlessness is also enjoyed by your residents as well. With Discernity’s unit routers, all a resident needs to do is make a call, and their Internet is up and running just about immediately.

For the resident experience, that certainly beats having to wait a number of days for the router to arrive then schedule an appointment with a technician who will take even more days to show up.

Be sure to get with Discernity if you are looking to make your residential community’s Internet experience quick, easy, and quality.