Haven’t Received Boxes to Return my Receivers


All boxes or recovery kits are shipped to you from DirecTV. Contact DirecTV at 800-531-5000 to have them reship the boxes to you. Back to DirecTV FAQs [...]

Haven’t Received Boxes to Return my Receivers2023-06-02T19:24:42+00:00

Cancel DirecTV Service


If you are at a property in which a cancellation form is mandatory, you will need to complete that form at the property management office and return to them. DirecTV [...]

Cancel DirecTV Service2023-06-02T19:26:52+00:00

Cancel Additional Programming from an Account


Contact DirecTV at 800-531-5000 to cancel additional programming from the account. If you have issues, contact our support line at 877-995-4675. Back to DirecTV FAQs [...]

Cancel Additional Programming from an Account2023-06-02T19:27:34+00:00

Receiver Will Not Power On


If receiver will not power on using the remote control, also try the power button on the receiver. If this doesn’t work, try another power outlet. If the service is [...]

Receiver Will Not Power On2023-06-02T19:28:10+00:00

On Demand Issues


Verify that you have an HD/DVR or Genie receiver. The model number of the receiver should have an HR in it; for example HR24-700, HR44-100. Verify that the Internet [...]

On Demand Issues2023-06-02T19:28:35+00:00

Software Download Issue


Check all cables to ensure that they are connected tightly. Once that is confirmed, reset the receiver by hitting the red reset button on the receiver or by unplugging the [...]

Software Download Issue2023-06-02T19:29:31+00:00

Gray Bars on the Screen


This will either be a setting in the TV or the Receiver and is based on how the network is sending the programming. You can change settings within the [...]

Gray Bars on the Screen2023-06-02T19:30:15+00:00

Remote Control Coding to work the TV


This can be done by going into the menu of the receiver and following these steps: Menu, Settings, Remote Control, Program Remote. It will then provide step by step [...]

Remote Control Coding to work the TV2023-06-02T19:30:44+00:00

Remote Control No Longer Working


Verify that the batteries in the remote have been changed, there is nothing in front of the “eye” on the receiver blocking the signal from the remote, and the light [...]

Remote Control No Longer Working2023-06-02T19:31:09+00:00
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